Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A poem for the Innocent of Sandy Hooks

The Innocent Lives of Sandy Hook

Some things in life
We just can’t understand
The many angry acts of violence
Raging through our land

Many innocent lives lost
At the hands of a cowardly fool
 In a place considered secure
 A Connecticut elementary school

The lives of teachers and students
Was not all that was lost that day
Many other innocent children
Had their innocence stripped away

Some will ask the question
Where was God during this
Another one may answer
Certainly not amiss

He was not welcomed
By our system anymore
So He waited on the other side
By heavens open door

By: Rhonda Meadows
December 18, 2012

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This horrible incident, which I wished to have never had a chance to have written, has touched not just a state or small town in Connecticut but the entire Nation. Many search for an answer and ask the question why, but only one man and the good Lord above can honestly answer that question, and for those left baffled it may never be clear. Others look to avoid such a horrific act again and in doing so they believe guns is the place to start. Let our Nation join without forcing a wedge in the middle over gun rights and laws, which will not solve the problem at all. If a person is disturbed enough to commit a hideous act such as this do you really honestly believe that a gun ban is enough to stop him? Gun bans are not the answer but lifting one is. Lift the ban on Jesus. Expect he is needed every day and not just during a tragic time or on Sundays. Bring Him back in our homes, schools, and other municipals. Put His name back in our Pledge of Allegiance, on all our money, but most importantly in all our hearts. Only through Jesus can evil be conquered.  

How such a task can be accomplished in my own words taken from Romans Chapter 12 verses 19:21; Do not seek revenge on those who have wronged you for the Lord promises to repay the Vengeance for you. Rendering a punishment for a punishment is wrong. Therefore if someone has wronged you and found to be in need treat him kindly meeting his needs if possible, in doing so you do not succumb to evil but instead overcome his evil with your good works. His evil will be justified by God almighty and your heart remains pure as evil is conquered.

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