Thursday, November 22, 2012

Heart Care for Daddy: This One is for My Dad

A few weeks ago life as my family knew it changed. I was once again reminded that the month of October was no longer my friend or even really a month I still enjoy. On Halloween my dad was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure (C.H.F.). Up until this point life was moving as it had for many years. Dad had just been laid off from his seasonal job, had gotten his unemployment started, and was planning a winter at home resting up from what he thought was pulled muscles. The shock for all of us however was the swelling was not going down, it was simply moving from parts of his lower body to parts of his upper body. We suggested he see a doctor but daddy was never one who wanted to go to a doctor. Within weeks the swelling was so bad daddy could not breathe, he could hardly walk, and he was unable to sleep. Finally we convinced him he had to see a doctor. My eyes filled with tears as I saw the condition that my daddy was now in. Even I did not know the extent this swelling had reached. My heart sank, fear gripped me, and I knew my daddy, the man I thought could never falter, was on his way to the hospital for a stay not just a visit. The local health department suggested he travel by ambulance to the local hospital ER, which we did. We were expecting him to be admitted but after around an hour or so we got the news that they suspected he had had a heart attack, he had Congestive Heart Failure, and he needed a cardiologist, not just a doctor. He was admitted to Cookeville Regional Medical Center where he would spend a week and two days, where at least five of those days were spent in ICU.

My dad is now home after being released from the hospital but he is far from better. He is unable to work with only 20% of his heart working and must wait months to have the test ran to completely understand what must be done to repair his heart. Daddy was denied TennCare and Medicare unless he can get his disability started. Everyone knows that will take months at the least. In an effort to help my daddy cover his medical expenses and be able to continue to receive the care and medicines he needs I have formed a Heart Care for Daddy campaign.

I ask if you can please donate to help with my daddy's medical expenses. Even small donations help so please do not think that you can not make a difference because you can. If you are unable to help with funding please consider sharing this link with those you know in hopes that maybe some of them will be able to help and further spread the word about this campaign.Click here to help with donations or spread the word Heart Care for Daddy.


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