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7 Best Commercials of Superbowl 2012

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I confess I had no idea what two teams went to the Superbowl this year. I lost interest once the Tennessee Titans lost the ability to go. I also confess I recorded the game not to watch it but to see the commercials. I think commercials was lacking a bit this year but there was a few that I think is mentionable of humor honor.I will start my vote from the last in my vote of 7 and back up to my number one favorite this year.

In 7th place is the M & M Sexy and I know commercial. The wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle part was just too funny.

In 6th place Sketchers Mr. Quiggly French Bulldog. The dog was super cute and I loved the moon walk across the finish line. I think they made a smart decision using this cute face in place of Kim Kardashian. Of course like many other things this is just my opinion.

In 5th place is Honda VR-V with Matthew Broderick. We have all felt the urge to call in sick to enjoy the day though few of us have skated by on such close calls as Matthew did. Honest fact of life tied in with exceptional humor. I loved it!

In 4th place Volkswagen with its very overweight puppy. I got to say when I saw the dog with all its fat on the treadmill I saw a strange familiarity to my own weight loss ambitions. I guess not fitting through the doggy door was good motivation but I hope to not experience those same pains in my own adventures. A nice pool to swim in though might be great motivation though I doubt I will ever be able to run and keep up with a car.

In 3rd I have to say Betty White rocked "The Voice" commercial. She is super hilarious in anything she does. She is one spunky chick with grit and attitude. I love her! Blake, Christina, Adam, and Cee Lo also did a great job.

In 2nd is the Doritos Fluffy the missing cat. I love at the end where a woman's voice says honey have you seen the cat and he looks at the door and there sits the dog with a bag of Doritos in his mouth and the guys says nope!

My 1st place favorite commercial of Superbowl 2012 is (drum roll) Here Weego by Budweiser. I loved the humor in this one. The dog was so ugly it was cute and the commercial supported a good cause animal rescue which always pulls at my heart strings. To help promote the message I have included the youtube video of the commercial below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Just for the record I want a dog who will deliver Coors light like Weego delivers Bud Light. I could call him Rocky and introduce him to friends as Rocky Smooth at which moment he slides up sideways with a nice cold Coors in his teeth. Yes that is the dog I want. If anyone sees a dog that matches this description please by all means contact me and I will give him a great home.

After checking out the exceptional skills of Weego tell us what your vote of the favorite Superbowl commercial was.

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