Thursday, February 2, 2012

Think You are Smarterer? Find Out Now.

 I logged in to Bzzagent today to find a guess what? That is right an invite into a new Bzz Campaign. Now I did not get to try any cool new products this time but I did get to check out a website called Smarterer. Smarterer is a cool site designed to test your knowledge of many of the social platforms used to share bzz and media. Think you know all there is to know about Bzz Agent, FaceBook, Twitter, PhotoShop, Excel, or Google Search? These are only a sample of the tests provided at Smarterer. See what you know with Smarterer. When you have completed the test you can post your score for others to see and try to beat. If you follow me on twitter at Scarletrose28 you just saw my current score is 527 so are you gonna try to beat me or what? Checking your knowledge is free at Smarterer, give it a shot now to see where you rank among the other social media whizzes.Ready to check your own smarts try this link

 Overall I find the Smarterer website to be fun and entertaining. I have logged in a few times today and find that some of the questions are beginning to repeat that gives me an added advantage to raise my score against newer members so I am not 100% sure this is a fool proof way to see how smart people are but it is fun to compete and try to rise in the ranks. I also have to admit when I first tried to log in I experienced some difficulty getting the example question to load. I confess I almost gave up because I tried probably six or seven times before it worked. I have logged in since to find no problem logging in to check my knowledge so maybe the server was overloaded because of the new campaign. Either way I had fun and will check the site out again in the future to see how much I can raise my score and knowledge about the sites I use every day.

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