Sunday, February 12, 2012

Easy Nail Art Designs for Valentines Day

Well it is right now here. The day of love. The day we look forward to if we are one half of a pair and the day we often curse if we celebrate the day solo. The day of gifts of flowers, chocolates, roses, and romance. Have you guessed it yet? Yes, that is right Valentines Day. As we do our hair, put on our makeup, and slip into our finest clothing to head out for dinner or set our own table we must not forget the cute things we can do with our nails. Below you will find a few of my favorite super easy ideas.  More nail art ideas can be found on my Facebook page at Enjoy and by all means let me know what you think.
Love on pink with silver tips
 First on the list is this cute super easy design. Coat entire nail with pink. Paint the tips of each nail with silver. On thumb nail draw a design in this example I used a heart with the arrow through it. On the remaining fingers write L.O.V.E substituting the O for a heart. I used a clear coat to protect the polish and designs. There it is simple as that you are done!
Pink with white stripe and red dots.
 This design is super easy. Paint your entire nail with pink or the color of your choice. Use another color, I used white, to make a diagonal line across each nail. Choose another color to make evenly spaced dots inside the diagonal line, I used red and made four dots on each nail. Seal the color with a clear top coat and you are ready to show off those nails!
White with triple hearts followed by Red with slanted love and heart
The triple heart design requires a base color paint. I chose white because it is simple to draw on. You can then choose one color to design your three hearts or do as I did and use three different colors. You may draw hearts on all nails or just one or two chosen on your hand to pull off this design and give it your own flare. Seal with a top coat and you are good to go. To design the love with the heart I chose a base coat, in this case red. I then colored a slanted section on the edge of the nail evenly in gold. I wrote the word love along the slanted line and topped it with a purple heart. You guessed it top coat to seal the color and design and it was time to sport these awesome Valentines Day designs.

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