Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What about "About Me"? Worth the effort to design a profile?

I am one who experiments with new sites so you can imagine I was excited when BzzAgent asked me to join the AboutMe campaign. Aboutme.com is a fairly new site on the net. I joined a while back and decided to tell all of you what I have found about the site "about me".
I like the idea of keeping all my sites located in one easy to locate place but am going to gripe that the site allows very little customization. I love being able to upload my own photo for the background but do not like the one big text box they give me to add my biography to. I wish there was some way to have more than one big box so I could better adjust the text on my page. The site provides some nice texts to choose from and allows you to do your own color choice on them. I like this aspect. I do really like how the page provides help with getting the page you design recognized on some of the major search engines. I just submitted my about me profile, my blog, and my Rhonda Meadows Works of Writing and Photography page on Facebook to Bing through about me. I am not certain how much recognition you get yet because I just signed up.

About me allows the person designing the profile to say what they wish about themselves. I designed my profile as I stated to keep all my worth while pages and sites in one easy to access location. This makes it easy when friends ask what are you into now to say well go check out my about me page. My Facebook profile, my Facebook page Rhonda Meadows Works of Writing and Photogrpahy, and my Twitter account are all linked to my about me. I also provided links to my Helium profile, my BzzAgent profile and my Crowdtap account. When I find other reliable sites they too will be added to the AboutMe profile. This was the primary purpose for my About Me profile. Now let me explain why I chose the background and bio that I chose.

My background is a picture of a Morning Glory. The picture was taken by myself and I really love the delicate look the flower has. I chose this picture because I really like it and have had others remark that it is beautiful. The biography I wrote is short and sweet. It welcomes visitors to my page and explains why the page was formed. The middle of the profile tells a bit about myself but not a lot because if they care to find out the links provided below the text here will take them to a number of in-depth bios about me.

Overall I like this page. There are some changes I would like to see to improve it in my own opinion. I am going to see if I get any new hits on any of the pages I submitted to Bing. The about me profile comes with a dashboard where the page owner can see how many people has visited their page. The dashboard profile stats allows you to see the number of people who have been to your page, the number of clicks from the page, and the links to you which I am glad to see on my page just increased by 1. You can click on each area to see the exact things that have been clicked on and where the hits come from. On a scale of 1 to 10 with one being the lowest and 10 being the highest I would give AboutMe.com a 7. This rating is subject to change as I find out more about the site and the things it offers.

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