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The Twist on the Sons of Anarchy Season Four Finale

 Do not watch this video or read this blog if you are a Sons fan that has not seen the season finale. This will spoil the surprises for you!

Wow! This show has had some super action, twists, turns, and conflicts this season. The second part of the season finale slowed down a bit from part one but still had an enormous amount of conflict and action going on.
Who would have thought the Cartel would be working with the CIA and that they would pull the plug on the Rico operation? Fans without prior blog warnings did not see that one coming. I had a feeling from the minute the episode started that Clay ( Ron Perlman) was going to survive into next season but I did not expect it to happen by help from a CIA controlled Cartel. I loved the way Jax (Charlie Hunnam) played his part when he confronted Romeo and Luis after the Irish made it clear that without Clay there would be no deal made between them and the Cartel because they trusted the Cartel less than they trusted Jax. The look on Jax's face spoke numbers when the badges were produced to force him into agreement that the deal had to be made and that Clay must live to make it happen. The hate glared in Jax's eyes as he made the statement that it was them that Clay had hired to kill Tara. The admission was made with recourse that they had planned to keep her safe but this did not ease the tension between the parties as Jax realized he was tied work alongside Clay who had killed his father and Piney in order to keep his club alive.

I was on the edge of my seat wondering how Jax was going to tell Tara (Maggie Siff) he must stay in Charming. I was surprised that he trusted her with the truth. From the actions and tears I gathered that Tara could not leave Jax behind and head to Oregon. I did not expect to find out for sure until Season five but was excited to hear her tell Jax at the end of the season finale that she was not going any where.The accident with her hand has really changed the person Tara is. I loved the part when Gemma ( Katey Sagal) asked her what she thought she was doing and Tara replied "everything you taught me." It is almost like Gemma has transformed Tara into the woman she once was. It is clear to see Tara and Gemma are going to be battling for who wins Jax in the end. 

Jax did an awesome job in this finale as always. The hate he has for Clay showed as he told him he knew that Clay killed his father, killed Piney, and put the hit on Tara. The anger and rage would only allow him to draw a little blood to pacify the audience because the cards had done been played and Clay had to live regardless or the whole club would go down. When Jax informed Clay he would be taking over the club and stripped him of his patch Clay responded with a "you might as well kill me" Jax came back with an intriguing response of "your already dead and spit in his face. Jax forcefully tells Clay to stay away from his mother and Tara. Clay could do noting but lay in defeat as Jax turned and walked out the door. I cannot help but wonder how the relationship will play out with Jax as club President and Clay as just another member. Clay has the attitude that he does not care if he lives or dies so the element can add a degree of danger for Jax and the club in the upcoming season.

Another turning point in the season finale was when Jax met Gemma in the hall of the hospital after exiting Clay's room. You could tell by the look on Gemma's face when Jax told her Clay would not hurt her anymore that Gemma thought Jax had killed him. Gemma visits Clay's room to find him very much still alive. The look in both their eyes screamed why. Why was Clay alive and why had Gemma turned on him after all the things they had been through? The relationships between the two will be a wild playing field for creator Kurt Sutter next season.

Opie (Ryan Hurst) after shooting Clay has distanced himself from the club at the request of Jax. As the season finale draws to a close Jax and Opie meet. Jax tells Opie that he has learned a lot of truth and that Clay did kill him old man. Opie of course wants to finish the job he started. Jax tells him that the deal with the Irish and Cartel must go through and that without Clay it will not happen because the Irish will not deal with him. Jax promises to work everything out and asks Opie to be his VP. Opie asks why he should trust Jax. Jax cannot give him a straight answer but promises when the time is right he will tell him everything. Jax tells Opie they are meeting at 8 and tells him he would like for him to be there before riding away. 

Jax reaches the club house and puts the letters in a toolbox in the garage before taking his place at the head of the table. He sits clutching the president patch he took from Clay in his hand. Tig and Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) enter the room and Tig starts to take his place as right arm in the Sergeant seat. Jax tells him now before asking Chibs to take that place at the table. Happy and Juice show up to the meeting next. Anticipation is high as everyone wonders if Opie is going to show up. 8:03 and Opie is still not present Jax is just fixing to set the meeting in order when Tara walks in. It is at this moment we learn Tara will be staying with Jax in Charming as he sorts out the mess of  his club. Gemma shows up at the door just in time to see Tara standing behind Jax with her hand upon his chest exactly like the picture she had left in the storage unit of her and John Teller. The look in her eyes say she is determined but worried about where this leaves her. The scene fades from Tara and Jax into the picture of Gemma and John before morphing into the Sons of Anarchy symbol. The battle lines for Jax's affection and the club have already been drawn and now we are left to wonder with all this information what is to come in Season 5.

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A few other highlights worth mentioning from the Season Four Finale:

Linc in his always unusual persona shows up at Charming Heights town hall meeting vote carrying a blow up doll of a young boy. Everyone is confused until he informs them that Mayor Hale’s investor is in fact just one investor that produces sex toys. In an effort to prove his point he dumps a bag full of them in the floor and explains the lewd doll of the boy. When asked by Mayor Hale why he was doing this I loved his response of " because I do not like you."

Remember the girl Tig killed as he went after Leroy. We learn she is the daughter of Damon Pope a major player in Oakland. Looks like we are setting the stage for a war between Oakland and the Sons for Season 5!

Bobby is still left in jail as Romeo and Luis promise to do the best they can to get him out. Will he be the next Otto (Kurt Sutter) working for the club on the inside or will there be a way to get him out. Bobby read the information that put him behind bars and will be sure to wonder why he was set free. 

Last but not least before Juice walks out of his room to go to church we see him lay the photo of his father aside before he rips up the paperwork. Is Juice really alright or will the pressure of his father being black still push him farther from the club?

Season four ended with total twists to what the fans expected. The season showed Clay making an excessive amount of enemies and led us to believe that at seasons end he would not escape with his life. We also witnessed the entire work of Linic shutting down as quickly as it had started up. This season left many in shock. I just hope the backing away from Clay's death and the shutting down of Rico does not leave the following season's being dull and boring. Sons of Anarchy has been wonderful and the ending deserves and has a potential to be a knock out. The Shield had the same opportunity but ended off key for what fans felt it should have. I hope Sons of Anarchy does not meet the same fate. Through the grapevine I have read that Kurt Sutter hopes to get Seven Seasons out of the Sons. If this show is to last for another three seasons Sutter is going to have to play up all loose ties he has left undone and the cast will have to remain at the top of their game.

Until next season:

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