Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Gift Giving 101 What not to Give

We all spend time thinking about the perfect gift for our loved ones yet some of us fall short terribly. I am not talking about the wish list you do not complete I am talking about the heartfelt gifts that you chose which are nightmares to your loved ones. We have all seen it happen and most of us have been guilty. I am going to share some clear examples of those gifts I am talking about.

First and foremost we do not want to open a package of slinky drawers or nighties in front of our entire family. If you must gift these items warn us of the contents so we can open them without the glowing eyes of our children, grandparents, and the sly grin from our spouse. 

Speaking of drawers is there really an appropriate time to gift these items? Throw in the pack of socks and you are sure to hear the groans of "really not again this year" echoing through the air! Maybe it is best to leave the sock and underwear buying to the woman of the house on a day less family orientated.

How about the clothing gifts often given with the best of intentions. The too tight totally out of character sweater for mom, the flashy tie for dad, and the cover all skin clothing for the children. Grandma we know you have the best of intentions but really we no longer live in the 50's.

Never, and I repeat never buy a nose trimmer or razors for a holiday gift. We do not want to be reminded we once again forgot to give our spots a trim before the family photo shoot. 

A few more great ideas to steer clear of is anything to do with house cleaning, laundry, cooking, or dinner unless it is specifically stated the gift is wanted. Unless you are a redneck I think Jeff Foxworthy has a great song about the 12 days of Christmas with some other gifts you might want to consider not giving!

These are my worst gift suggestions. Please comment with your own ideas or the worst gifts you have ever gotten.

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