Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas to All

 Another Christmas has come and gone. Santa was good to Jacob and brought his a Nintendo DS Lite. Daddy and I got a Red Bull in our stocking. I am not sure if we had not been very good or Santa was strapped for cash this year with the recession near depression and all. Speaking of recession with me in school and Bub the only bread-winner in the household gifts were far and few for our family this year but we have enjoyed the day just the same. Yesterday was spent with my husband's family. It felt strange not meeting with my family on Christmas Eve since it was always our family tradition but schedules could not match up to make it possible this year. I am very thankful for the gifts I received. I can not wait to try out the new crock pot and am very glad I held off on buying new dishcloths and towels now. The bracelets were beautiful and the ice scrapper from little man will be super on those cold school mornings after the New Year. I am so thankful that my hubby got to spend the full day with the family and did not have to rush off for work. That has to be the best present yet! My whole family together once again. It is funny how you take things for granted and then one day you realize it is a blessing not a given. Speaking of blessings I have so much to be thankful for this Christmas but most of all I am thankful for Jesus who makes all my other blessings and the forgiveness of my sins possible. There is only a few things I would change this Christmas one is I do wish it had been white, two I wish my hubby had not had to go back to work on Christmas Day and three I wish Ma had felt better and my feet had waited until after all the get-to-gathers before they began hurting again. We have one more round of family gatherings and we will be done until the New Year. My family is meeting here at my home on the 28th to celebrate Christmas because this was the only time we could match everyone's schedules up. I am looking forward to the good food and company. I wonder if I should throw in a birthday cake in the festivities since the date is set one day before my birthday? At least I remember it this year and will not be arguing with my family when they call to wish me a Happy Birthday! Once Christmas, my birthday, and New Years celebrations are done BAM it is my little boy's birthday. All this excitement within 2 weeks time you can bet we are tired our wallet and little flat and our bellies a little fat!

From the Meadows family to yours I wish you a Blessed Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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