Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Roller Coaster Yard Sales and Dallas's Miner-Rue

2 Dollar Deal of the Day!
Cute Boots and a Frog 2 bucks

Does this mean I have to cook?

99 Cent Store Finds

 After the day I had Thursday I was about to give up hope of going to the Roller Coaster Yard Sales this year but I am sure glad I didn't! Me mom and Aunt Ro went a different route this year and we found some pretty good bargains. We went from Celina to Livingston instead of to Thompkinsville this year. Driving was much easier due to the larger shoulders on the road and we did not have to walk for miles to get to yard sales which was a big plus for my mom. Unfortunately mom fell this year when she tripped over a root. Luckily it was in the grass and she was not hurt and was not even sore the next day. I did try to catch her but missed by a mile and would have probably crushed her if I had caught hold of her cause I would have fallen on her! Poor mom. To add a bit of humor to the day my aunt bless her heart is about like me. She bought her a pretty lamp for two bucks and broke it before we even got in the car. She was hoping my Uncle could fix it for her but I do not know how that turned out. Another bit of humor I bought a whole box of stuff for two bucks at one fellas yard sale. If I touched it or remarked about it he said we will throw that in too. I ended up with some pretty items and a brand new super nice sweater all for just two bucks! I was well pleased with that deal. I have to say it was the best I found all day. Aside from the good stuff though I have to admit I did end up with some items I call small junk. Mom and Aunt Ro picked on me all day about my two dollar box of junk. We had lunch at McDonald's before we hit up the 99 cent store for some additional bargains. Being the stubborn deal hunting bargain shopper I was I did have a battle of wits with one old hateful witch who would not bargain on her prices. Needless to say being the witch I am I told her good luck selling them and hung every item back on the rack. I was tempted to tell the people on their way to the sell they didn't have anything and she was not good at negotiating prices but I was nice bit the crap outta my tongue and just kept walking to my car. We ended up making a good full day out of yardsaleing. I got home around 4 and called Bub which started part two of my weekend.

Dallas was having his big get together at his place so I called Bub to come get me. I have to admit at first I was really not very excited about going. I am not quite the social butterfly I used to be or at least I didn't think I was.Turns out I learned I have not completely lost my social skills I have possessed all my life. When Bub got here we grabbed the sleeping bag, sheets, pillows, and an extra change of clothes before heading out. I took my recent library rental book of Chicken Soup for the Soul Life Lessons for Women along for the ride just in case. I have to admit I never looked at that book again until late Saturday night when we finally left to head home. Friday night was sure cold so sitting around the fire was super nice. I enjoyed meeting everyone and their families and playing corn-hole. The hamburgers and hot dogs Jared (CupCake) fixed were really good. Butch and his wife also made chili and insisted we all eat a bowl which was really good also. I discovered Jack Daniels follows me to parties, grape wine does not top the strawberry, and whiskey cured maraschino cherries are the bomb. Believe it or not I kept my composure and did not drink too much I can recall all the details of the night. Somewhere in the early morning Bub and I gave up and went to bed. We slept by the house in a camper on the back of Pa Dude's truck. It was super cold but I was so tired that it did not seem to matter.

The next morning flew by. We took showers, ate breakfast, shot the breeze, and played games. I tried horseshoes for my first time. I was terrible and decided to stick to corn-hole which I was not a lot better at but enjoyed a little more. I met the neighbor children Heather and Austin and they are super kids. In fact I spent a good deal of my day with Heather talking and playing games. Around 4 or so Pa brought Jacob and Justin down. Saturday was family day so there were plenty of kids running around. Pa and Justin did not stay long but Jacob wanted to stay behind with us. I think he enjoyed himself.We had enough food for a feast and it was all really good. Bub's boss Hal provided live band entertainment. I have to say these guys were super! They rocked the neighborhood with older rock and country. My favorites they sang were Last Dance with Mary Jane, Here's a Quarter Call Someone Who Cares, Sweet Home Alabama, In Color, and Wonderful Tonight. Of course Bub and I had to dance to Wonderful Tonight but allowed Dallas, Jared, a neighbor, and an adorable little boy do most of the rest of the dancing and entertaining. The band played until it got super cold and then decided to call it a night. They ended on Last Dance with Mary Jane. I would have loved to agree with another wife about grabbing a radio to keep the party hopping but the cold was telling me it was time to come home to my warm bed. We told everyone goodbye, thanked those who had provided food and entertainment, then headed out. Jacob spent the night with Ma and Pa and Bub and I crashed from the busy day we had had. Heck with all the running around and playing I almost felt like a kid again. Now in the aftermath I have to say that was the most fun I have had in a while. They have voted to make the get together at least an annual if not bi-annual event. All I can say is lets shoot for a bit warmer weather and I can not wait! I will try to refrain from getting up at 6 in the morning to go to yard sales next time, try to bake a miners cake, and attempt to stay up with the rest of the crowd!

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