Thursday, October 6, 2011

Finding thanks for my many blessings

There is nothing sweeter than to be blessed to have a child which will come to you every night before bed when he has not prayed with his ma on the phone and ask momma will you pray with me. I have to admit I miss the nights when ma is well enough to call and pray with us but it is such a blessing to hear the sweet words from the heart of my little boy. I never know what words he will use but I can always be assured he will thank God for our blessings, for our day, for the life He has given us, and for the best gift of all His son Jesus who died for the remission of our sins. I am so very proud of him and his belief in God. I would like to thank his ma for teaching him what he has learned about the bible and prayer because there is so much I do not know. I may be the mother but my son has taught me so much in my life. He reminds me each day of what is really important and how to find the good in so many situations. He is wise well beyond his 7 years of age. Life is not always simple but with God and ALL (blood and extended) of my family anything is possible.

I lost sight for sometime of who I was and what I stood for and I am thankful I am back on track. The old saying you do not know what you got until it is gone is so very true. I know God had a hand in guiding me back to where I was meant to be. I am thankful to have been given a second chance. I know how much I hurt many of those I love with one mistake and for that I apologize. I look back now and wonder what was I thinking or if I was even thinking at all. I thank God for an understanding husband and family. I know it took a lot of courage and strength to forgive a wrong that large. I believe the old saying there is someone for everyone and I am certain I am with the one God made for me.

 I have many talents I have been blessed with. Unfortunate for me learning lessons the easy way was is not one of those talents. The great thing is once I learn a lesson I remember it for life and work hard to avoid making the same mistakes twice. I thank God for each talent I have been given: my writing ability, my ability to learn, my ability to read, my creativity, and all the others I possess. I hope one day to be able to use my talents doing something I will love and enjoy. I do not care if I barely get by as long as I can have a career I enjoy being a part of every day. I am just not programmed to be content at the bottom of the ladder but even when I have the ability to advance at the jobs I have had in the past I still have the burning desire to do something better with my life. I have a foot in the door to make it happen and I pray God helps me achieve the goal. It is looking dim right now but I am holding on to the last straw with all the might I have. I really want to see this dream through to full fruition.



When I question my ability to travel life's path along
I bow my head to pray you will make me strong
When life seems impossible you pull me through
Thank you Lord Jesus I owe my life to you.
Rhonda Meadows

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