Thursday, September 29, 2011

 What a week! I have been trying to get everything in order so I can go to the Roller Coaster yard sales tomorrow and also to the cook out Bub's mining crew is hosting tomorrow and Saturday. Between school and the toothache this has not been an easy task. School is being a booger this week. I hate outlines and knew I had to do one in my communications class but to my surprise when I looked I also get to do one in my Health class. I see my 100 going poof right before my very eyes in there now. I have both outlines completed but I am just picky about turning them in. I need to go ahead and get it over with or else I will be pushing close to them being late. On the bright side I got rid of the tooth that has been hurting me Tuesday but it is still very swollen and painful. It just really looks like this week is going to be one of those I later work to forget! I just seem to keep getting bad news after bad news.

With the way my luck is going I do not know why I am even going to attempt but I have found an interesting Bzz Campaign I am going to try to get into. I have been trying to exercise more lately and they are having a campaign on a yoga mat. They say this is some great exercise for both the body and mind and after my week I need to look for something where I can benefit so I have decided to make myself known in my desire to do the campaign. The mat sounds like exactly what I need it has a grip surface to avoid slipping and falling and as an added bonus it has a closed cell surface to keep sweat from growing bacteria on the mat. It is biodegradable and made to last a lifetime so I can use it for my entire life and then if my son wants to toss it it will not build up pollutants in the landfill. Super! If we are lucky it might have some years left in it and instead of throwing it out maybe my son could find some use for it himself. You never know a woman can hope. I seem to be doing a lot of that lately.

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