Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wow! Time sure does fly. Here I am in week 5 of my second block of classes at the University of Phoenix! I am so excited because I am doing well with my grades. So far I have made straight A's and have a 4.0 GPA. I am going to try to find some time soon to look into applying for some scholarships. My academic advisor and enrollment counselor believes I have a good shot at getting a few if I will apply. It would sure help my overall cost of education if I could get some additional costs paid for. I have enjoyed all my classes up to this point and am very excited about starting my actual Psychology classes in January. The first two classes were basics for all college students US/101 was an introduction to University Studies and then FP/101 was a financial class I found very helpful. I am currently taking SCI/162 which is a health class and COM/155 which is university communications. I love writing and am finding so much of the COM class to benefit me with this hobby.

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Aside from school I have been suffering from a terrible toothache. I have gotten antibiotics to clear up the infection and then have to try to find a way to come up with the means to go get this annoying thing yanked out of there. I have not suffered from a toothache in a very long time but am remembering quickly why I was always so anxious to have those which had cavities or breaks pulled. There is nothing worse than a toothache! There is no way to get real comfort from the pain you experience other than seeing dentist and having the tooth removed. I am trying to explain the importance of good dental hygiene to my son as I try to eat or brush my own teeth without agonizing pain. I do not know if it is getting through to him but I am forming my own opinion about brushing more than just once a day!

Class and toothaches boy have I had a challenging week! Not a lot to take my mind off of it all either right now the weather is turning cool and been rainy. I am looking forward to decorating for Halloween soon! I am not sure if I can but I am going to try to out do my decorations I had last year. This will give me an opportunity to break out my camera again even after most all the flowers have died and really demolished my fun with photography. I did upload pictures to Facebook last night of some pretty nature shoots, the moon, some mushrooms, and the pictures Jacob and I took when we visited Dale Hollow Dam and Lake a few weeks ago. They had opened some oxygen gates for the fish, which they said had not been opened since the 40's, so like the flood gates I felt it important to take Jacob to see them. They were cool but really did not compare to the flood gates. In the end it is the memories in life we make that are important and those pictures will one day remind him of the fun we had when he was growing up. I will upload a picture or two of Dale Hollow Dam later because I do not have access to the photos right now. Until then if you want to see the collection I uploaded check out my Facebook page.

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