Saturday, September 10, 2011

This week has been a bit better than last week.I have not been quite as stressed and have been exercising. I took my day off from class yesterday and spent it with Bub. We left early and went to Carthage to ride around and sight see. He took me to the mine where he works and we circled the parking lot so I could see what it actually looks like from a decent distance. I still don't know a lot but I do know more than I did. I hope they have a family day soon so Jacob and I can go and see the place a bit better. They have not had one yet but there has been talk of one soon. We also went to Cordell Hull dam and overlook. The park was small in comparison to Dale Hollow and the dam looked like a baby! The walk up to the overlook was nice. I am still convinced I am out of shape because walking up hill was still somewhat a challenge. I am sorry I did not take my camera so I do not have pictures but I hope to go back as the leaves change and take some pictures. We then spent a good deal of the day at Dallas's house chilling on the front porch. The day was beautiful so it was really nice to just sit for a while and chat without worrying about what I needed to clean at home or what I needed to do in my class. I really need my lazy day this week. We went and looked at the house for sale up above Dallas while we were there too. It was a cute trailer but I still am pretty rooted here on the farm in Moss. I really can not see myself anywhere else but that would be a lot closer to work for Bub. Too bad we are not rich and can afford to buy both this house here and the one there! When we got home I cooked supper, we ate, watched some TV, called our boy, then went to bed early. Good rest was something else I was in dire need of but still really did not get because of my back hurting from I am convinced walking on the treadmill the night before in those stupid rocker shoes. I did skip walking last night because of my back hurting. I am going to hop back on the treadmill tonight though so I did not lose more than one night this week.

I got up later this morning to try to make up for the sleep I lost tossing and turning because my back hurt all night which was probably not a good idea. I laid in bed long enough to work out a plan for my morning. I would get up do my class work that I had left for the week, submit my assignments, put in a load of laundry, clean my bathrooms, and then take my shower. What ended up instead happening was I got up discovered the horses were out and called Barb and Dude to learn Dude was gone and had not taken his cell phone. I spent a good hour watching trying to keep up with the horses and wondering what we should do about them being out. Wilbur had already made it clear I was not to tell him what to do when he walked past me like I wasn't even there!I finally gave up and kept an eye on him as best I could and started my classes. Turns out my Internet is slow today and my class room was sluggish taking more time to complete my last day of participation and turn in my assignments. When I finally got it all done I decided to put in some laundry and clean my bathroom in the bad spots, you know those smelly nasty spots you really don't want to deal with but know you have to. I have brushed my teeth but considered just waiting to shower now until I exercise because what is the point in taking two baths within a few hours of each other? I think I am going to get some exercise by going outside with my camera. There are a few flowers on top of the hill I would like to photograph before they are gone and then they have some kind of gates at Dale Hollow open that has not been opened since the 40s that I would like to see. I am not sure about driving over to just take pictures though and I am just too lazy to go to the store right now so the lake may have to wait until another day. I think I am off to adventure around here with my camera and hope I do not step on any snakes! I am still afraid of my yard since I dang near stepped on that baby across the driveway.

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