Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time to get moving

I have been thinking about starting an exercise plan for a while now but have just not been motivated enough to do it. Last night I stepped on my treadmill for the first time in ages. I had forgotten how great I felt after a good walk and some stretches. I rested better last night than I have in a while, almost too well in fact I slept through two alarms this morning! I was not feeling the best tonight and was actually liking sitting here on my computer but I promised myself last night that I would keep up the routine so I finally managed to get up and get active. It is not so bad once you get started it is just the getting started that is so hard. I ended up walking for another 21 minutes tonight and burning a whole 130 calories. I think that is pretty good for someone who has not exercised in a while. I have intentions of getting up to walking 30 minutes then I plan to start upping my speed because my incline is already set as high as it will go. I would like to find a fun dance exercise and am considering the Zumba. I watched a video on it today and it really looked like a lot of fun. I have also considered taking up Yoga or Tai Chi. Those are great for connecting body and mind. I have really been taking my stress levels serious lately and since I have been trying to manage it productively I am finding I do a lot better health wise. Just like any other thing in life I have a pair of young eyes watching me to see what I do and how I handle situations. This makes it important for me to show him that exercise just like school may be tough but is very rewarding.

Aside from exercise, classes are going great. I am in Week 3 of my second block now! I have a 100 at the end of week 2 in Health and a 98.67 at the end of week 1 in Communications. I have not got my 2 week scores back in there yet. I am sure it takes her a while to grade all those papers especially when like last week she has 20 something students submitting presentations on the writing process. I really had a lot of fun with the assignment once I got my stress leveled enough to really look at what I needed to do. I really enjoyed PowerPoint. It was really easy to use and fun. I did try to make a chart on there today though and really had no luck at getting it like I wanted it so I gave up and just wrote a couple paragraphs explaining what I wanted to say instead. I still love to read and write! I still have my account on Helium and try to read every few days and write when the urge strikes me. I published a new poem and article the other day in fact.  The first three posts under recent articles on the right hand side of my bio will take you directly to the three newest posts. Feel free to read any you like while you are there. Like them, rate them, share them what ever you would feel comfortable doing.

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