Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another Week Done Gone

 This week has been a bit more stressful than the past few. Early in the week I was disgusted with my classes and about ready to throw in the towel. I guess I expected the complete degree to be as simple as my first two classes and these last two are proving to be much more trying and time consuming. I held on and kept pushing and by mid- week I was feeling a little better. I can not give up I have a young pair of eyes watching every move I make and how I handle every situation.
I was stressed this week for a few different reasons. First, one of my grades accidentally got recorded incorrect because of a transition error. Luckily I brought it to my teacher's attention and when she checked it was a mistake and I actually finished out week one in her class with an A. Second, there was a ton of reading in both my classes. I have literally been burning the midnight oil this week. Reading took me 2 days to complete and one of those days was around a 14 hour one. Third, I found out in my Communications class I was going to be making a presentation using Power Point this week. I panicked! That is really the only honest way to put it. I had never used the program and I felt a whole whirl wind of emotions being I was already behind and now this. I asked my teacher a couple questions, listened to a few suggestions, then played around with the program only to find I panicked for nothing. Power Point is super easy and fun to use. I turned my presentation in just a bit ago. My fingers are crossed I make a good grade. I have a 98.67 in that class right now. Then last but not least I got stung by a yellow jacket two days ago and my hand is still really red, irritated, and itching. Poor Bub got stung probably 6 or 7 times but his was no where near as bad as mine. I have a feeling maybe I am slightly allergic to these dang things too. I am really hoping it clears up soon or else I may still have to go to the doctor. I have taken Benedryl and have yet to find relief.

All this aside I am back in the game and ready to tackle Week three in my second block of classes. I sure hope I enjoy this weeks material so I do not get so down and out when I have to put in those long hours. Health was interesting last week as we discussed what would you know stress, ways to deal with it, and how it affects the body. I am really close to being motivated to begin a work out program if I can ever find the time to squeeze it in.

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