Friday, December 10, 2010

Last Day at Dollar General

I am leaving DG after close to two years. I have mixed feelings some happy some sad. I would like to extend my thanks to those I worked with who helped me through tough times and had my back. I would also like to thank the customers who made my job worth while: those of you who made me smile despite my crummy day, those of you who made me laugh, and those of you who just took the time to tell me that my smile or my laugh made your shopping experience a pleasant one. You are the ones who made these past almost two years worth the time and effort I put into my job. Many of you will be missed and I hope to see you around town sometimes.

As for my last day at work it was pretty pleasant despite the guy who got a little mad at me because I didn't understand Spanish. We will not even touch on my feelings there or how high I am sure my blood pressure shot! Enough of the bad I will discuss the good. Most of the customers today were nice and I even got to see a few of my favorites before I left. I also got a task I dreaded and was sure I would hate of putting together and decorating a Christmas tree for Santa Clause to come tomorrow. Turns out I loved doing it and it even turned out looking pretty good for my handy work. I got to decorate it with toys not your traditional ornaments and those of you who know me know that creativity is my passion and I got to use it on this project. Those of you who are interested and would like to take the little ones to see Santa he will be at the DG in Celina from 1 to 4 tomorrow. Be sure to bring your camera to take pictures of the little ones!

One final thanks I would like to extend before I close this post. Thanks to all the locals who have donated to the food drives, toys for tots, Literacy foundation, and St. Jude. Know your donations are helping others even if they are small. I am sure the donations made many Thanksgiving dinners, the toys will make many children's Christmas morning, the Literacy foundation will help many learn to read or obtain their GED's, and St.Jude's need I say more these families need all the help and support they can get.

Good luck to each of you who have touched my life while I have worked for DG! Hope to see you all around.

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