Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat Halloween fun

My Little Dragon

Cleaning out the pumpkin for carving
I tell you what when you have a child you just do not realize the joy and laughs you are in for. My son, the lil dragon here in this picture is 6 years old and is really something else. He is the most darling thing in my life and can keep me entertained for hours with the things he says. Last night here in our hometown we celebrated Halloween. I must tell the story of my son trick or treating. All I got to say is he is a clever little booger.

My sons father, my now ex husband took lil man a few places trick or treating before he came to the house to go with me so it was near dark before we left the house. There is a local church here where we usually always go trick or treating because they have wonderful treats, a great set up inside for children to do crafts and get candy, and the fact that my now ex husbands Aunt is always there and makes some wonderful popcorn balls. When we arrive I tell Jacob, my son that I am going to ask Aunt Hazel for a popcorn ball when we see her my mother then chimes in she would like to have one too and asks Jacob to get her one. He agrees as we get out and head over to the cars. We go to a few other people before we find Hazel. She lets Jacob get some candy and asks if he wants a pop corn ball yes he wants two. She puts two in his bag before I ask if I to may have one she says yes and hands me one as well before telling us to go into the church for their activities and hot chocolate. The popcorn task accomplished we head in where we are directed to a door with a line of children to await the fate of a on earth view of hell. Interesting needless to say they did a great job lil Jacob left the room wide eyed and afraid of door number 2 which was heaven. I finally talked him into going to Heaven after he grabbed his cup of hot coco and I opened the door revealing angels and God instead of dark Satan and demons. God asked Jacob if he had visited the other door of course which was hell. Jacob nervously shook his head yes and God asked what he thought about was scary needless to say was the reply. My son and God carried on a short conversation about Heaven and Hell before God thanked him for coming and told him to get some treats off the table in front of him. Jacob got a few pieces of candy and grabbed a popcorn ball. He then looks at me, glances over at God and the angels before grabbing another popcorn ball stating his granny would want one of those too. God said ok and out we went. I couldn't help but laugh and giggle when I told mom and Scott about Jacob getting granny an extra popcorn ball from God. Point here is children can be funny and not even mean to. They also have the dearest hearts.

Our night of course did not end here. We went to a well known subdivision here in our small town which was swamped with ghosts, ghouls, and goblins. My lil one was having a blast going from door to door trick or treating, checking out all the other children's costumes as well as the decorations in the neighborhood, and just having a good time. We trick or treated all the houses which looked to be giving out candy before deciding if we should go any place else. I knew of another great sub division but thought his father had said he already took him to it but I decided to ask anyway. Lil man said no we didn't go there so I tell Scott lets go to that one and directed him to it. Here me, lil man, and granny go from door step to door step when we start up to one house my son just stops and says we have already been here I looked up and said no we haven't come on. He takes a few more steps then says I feel like I have been here before. I again asked you sure your daddy didn't bring you here nope he replies he didn't as he smiles. We finished this neighborhood before deciding to hit Dairy Queen and see if they were treating the goblins in the area.

Dairy Queen was not giving out treats so we grabbed us some ice cream before little man had to return to his dad. I went over to make sure there was nothing else I was needed for before I parted ways with my son and just out of curiosity decided to ask if he had taken him to the above mentioned subdivision. His dad says yeah I took him there why? I started laughing and Jacob started smiling saying I forgot and mama took me too. Point here children even though young are still clever!

The night ended with lil

Thank you Jacob, Scott, and mom for a fun filled wonderful Halloween night.
The Mad Carver
My boys with the finished master piece
Granny with the little dragon

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