Friday, October 29, 2010

Crafty and Spooky Halloween Decorations for 2010

Who let these ghouls out?
Today my boyfriend, son and I completed our Halloween decorating we had began. I must say I think it looks awesome even if we did do it. We began our project with a hanging head decoration of a bleeding man.
Paul and skeleton laughing

We made the head a torso with an old shirt, gave him an arm,leg, and fake fingers from props we had purchased and even gave him a coffin from an old bassinet style cradle. Paul as we named the poor guy was really a sight for sore eyes! We didn't stop here.

Proud posing skeleton
Our second project was a skeleton filled grave yard made from foam tombstones and Shepard's hooks. Once the stones were attached to the Shepard's hooks we began to attach green, orange, purple and glow in the dark skeletons. It turned out impressive in my opinion! If there had been a way to hide those hooks it would have really been the sight of the neighborhood. In fact many neighbors have been sighted looking as they drive by.

Pop star skeleton
                                                                                A big bloody ghost made from an old shredded sheet hanging from the tree above Paul and the grave yard skeletons topped off this side of our yard. The skeleton who tried to get away was caught and tied to the tree next to Paul. The finishing touches were added with spider web before we snapped our pictures and admired our hard work.

 I am tickled with my decorations. Tomorrow we plan to carve a pumpkin with my son to finalize our decorating. If the candle light, strobe lights, and eerie glow of the moon work in my favor I think we will have many talking for days. I would say this was one of my better decoration set ups for the past few years!
Aye mate
Get down with your bony self


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