Sunday, October 24, 2010

Haunted Houses: Slaughter House Nashville, TN

It is that time of year again, time to visit some haunted houses and pay someone to scare you. Granted I know that sounds like a no win situation you pay someone to scare you but believe it or not I love these things! Some friends and I went to both Slaughter House and Death Row in Nashville Tennessee last year and we had discussed going again this year. Last night my boyfriend and I decided to go it alone since we waited until late to go. We chose to only go to Slaughter House this year due to our late night decision.

We found Slaughter House with little incident despite the roadwork they are doing all over downtown Nashville. The place was truly hopping with all the bachelor and baccalaureate parties, preparation for the football game today, the bars, and of course what we had come for the haunted houses. Parking was fairly easy despite the line of people waiting to enter Slaughter House. We waited while a guy in a skeleton suit and another guy combed the crowd trying to scare people waiting to enter the doors of Slaughter House. Luckily I was on the side next to the wall and got to laugh as they picked on everyone else. We had to wait a bit of time before we got to pay and go in. We grouped up with two younger girls in front of us as our crew before entering the point of no turning back.

Once inside I noticed a lot of familiar things to last year but was excited all the same. The props and actors were awesome and some very well placed to make you almost knock a knot on your head getting away. There were some things I enjoyed this year and some again I could have done just as well without. First I will list the things I didn't like.

I absolutely hate the inflated bags much like airbags that encompass your entire body as you try to walk through them. These things really suck for people with breathing problems and who is claustrophobic. If they had lasted a bit longer I would have went into fits! This is my biggest peeve of Slaughter House but on the opposite side they also make it a bit interesting. I also hate the mazes you can not find your way out of luckily this year I believe these mazes were shorter and easier to navigate. The girls we teamed up with outside on the sidewalk did great getting through these things and we simply followed them, me glued to the back of the jacket of the girl in front of me. The last thing I really had a peeve with is the dark mazes where you can't see crap including the person in front and behind you. Ok honestly this adds to the overall excitement but I don't like the dark.

On the other hand there were some really cool things in Slaughter House I totally loved. The neon lights that makes you glow was awesome and made people look really cool. The strobe lights made seeing difficult but movement look neat. I entirely loved how well the lighting made the actors blend in to the nooks and crannies of these mazes and when you least expected it they would pop out and yell at you scaring the holy crap out of you. Some banged on walls which is really eerie in the dark too. I liked the Bates Motel set up with the girl at the desk despite she screamed in my ear almost damaging my hearing. The chick covered in blood screaming help he is going to kill me was really great when the actor ran out from the dark. Scary and fun that was just too cool. My favorite part of Slaughter House this year however was nearing the end of the maze there was the sound effects of a huge explosion like and the ground moved. It was more over the sound and lighting but you felt like the ground was really shaking. Those of you who know me know I am clumsy and yes I was caught off guard and fell into the wall but no big deal I had no injuries or bruises.

As we exited we told the girls who had went through with us goodbye. We laughed we had survived and each chatted about our favorite and least favorite parts. Going to our car we met a family who asked how we liked Slaughter House and if it was really scary. We loved it, it was awesome, and heck yes it was scary! One of the girls in the bunch didn't like hearing it was scary and said she was hoping for a no it was not bad but we had to tell her the truth.

If you want a good scare and are in the Nashville area check out Slaughter House. The price is not cheap but twelve bucks is not bad. Chances are good you will have to wait in line so be prepared to wait a while before you actually get to go inside. Slaughter House is well worth the wait and the money plus is a good excuse to cuddle and hold to or hold your sweetheart close.

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