Thursday, October 21, 2010

Awesome Scrapbooking supplies from BzzAgent

As many of my friends know I am a member of an online panel called BzzAgent. BzzAgent is an online panel with members who try products and tell others what they really think about the products they tried. I love being a member of BzzAgent and have received many wonderful products to try by being a member. This time I am bzzing about a campaign known as Elmer's X-Acto. I received an awesome bzzkit filled with glues, glue dots, scissors and a corner rounder punch. I finally got to try out the products and here is the lowdown.

My scissors were a bit slow at cutting to begin with due to never being used but once they were used on a few sides of a picture began to work rather well. I used both pairs I was sent and am pleasantly glad to add them to my other scissor collection. I also used the Elmer's tube glue. The glue was awesome. My pictures were pressed only a few minutes after application of this glue and they stayed to my paper on the first try!

I did not use either my corner punch or my glue dots for this page but do plan to use these tools in another one. I also plan to use the glue dots to hopefully fix the cute photo frames my son has made in Kindergarten and First grade for me that hangs on my refrigerator. I have an apple and a few stems that simply refuse to stay put with the glue my son used so hopefully these Elmer glue dots will do the trick.

Overall I enjoyed using these products making the first scrapbook page of my son's school years. The products worked well for the tasks I performed. I am glad I got accepted for this campaign and hope if they have future similar ones I will be chosen for those as well. I am still loving being a BzzAgent and still recruiting friends and family to join the ranks!

Pictures from top to bottom in this blog post include:

Picture 1: The finished scrapbook page produced using the products in my bzzkit
Picture 2: The exact products I used to produce the scrapbook page from the bzzkit
Picture 3: All the materials shipped to me in the bzzkit

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