Thursday, February 12, 2009

Birthdays: Yep We Are Both Another Year Older!!!

January 4th 2009

Today is late for my birthday and early for Jacob's but we are having our birthday party together this year late and early anyway. Bub was able to get off work and we wanted to celebrate Jacob's birthday while he was home and if we waited it could have been a week to two weeks late! Kids like early not late! Jacobs cake was chocolate with chocolate icing, had his name in yellow and was of a 4 wheeler this year. Mine just a round white cake with white icing and birthday balloons. Hey I am an adult I can handle not having all the cute little stuff to keep afterwards! I will admit I did the 28 candles. It made my little cake look like a glowing ball of fire and took 2 people to light them! Man I dread in a few more years! My daddy said he was getting ready to call the fire department. Thanks Dad!

The party was great all the same people was here that had been at New Years except poor uncle Kenny who was sick and Brandie brought Tia so Jacob had someone his own age here as well. Jacob opened all his presents and they had a blast with the balloons we had scattered around. We had just settled into the calming down routine of us adults when Bub's phone rang. It was Bob his boss. He needed him to take a run to Brooklyn, New York. O' that is cool maybe I can go. The problem: he was leaving ASAP!

I really wanted to go because I had never been to New York City but before I could I had to clear it with my son. It was the winding down of his birthday party and then Wed would be his true birthday. You have to love reasoning of children: Yep it would be ok he guessed if I really wanted to go with daddy to see New York and he had already had his birthday anyway. Now I am not going to tell you that explanation really settled my mind and I am not sure it really did his either. I would say I was going then change my mind. Any mother or anyone who wants to be a mother could reason here I was torn between my husband really wanting me to go with him and my son who was going to be 5 in a few days. You are only 5 once! Yeah we had celebrated his birthday already and there was not going to be another party but that day the 7th was still his birthday and I would not be there. Finally my husband talked me into going and Jacob was fine he gave me a hug and kiss and told me he would see me when I got back but to not forget to call him on his birthday. Yeah right! That is one day I have not forgotten.

Long story short. I packed as guests began to leave. Fluffy and Lisa came back to watch little man and we left for Cookeville to get the truck. Our trailer would be waiting in Johnson City which was where we were headed for the night. Talking about foggy! It was real bad in some spots but lifted in others and we made it to our destination where we would get our trailer and sleep for the night.

Pic for this entry is my son's Birthday Cake...

P.S. the party was all his!

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