Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brooklyn New York

January 5th-10th 2009
As stated in my last post we left on the 4th headed to Brooklyn New York. This is to be one of my most memrable trips yet. I had never been to Brooklyn and was excited to see what all the hype about the Big Apple really was. Our first day was spent traveling to New Jersey. Talking about some BAD roads but they have em! They also have some crummy places to stay if you are confined to an 18 wheeler. We stopped at a little rest area which was just that a rest area: no bathrooms and very little siginal for TV or cell phones for that matter. It sucked! I have nothing lost in New Jersey and don't really care to spend time there again. Unless of course that means I get in closer proximinity to the Statue of Liberty and in that case I am game! Any way I spent most of the night checking out the map and praying that I even got a glimpse of that great landmark of our American History. Hahaha and I am not even a history buff in fact I never did so great on the subject but seeing the Statue of Liberty was a life ambition. Go figure.

Anyway the next morning way before day break we head into New York. I looked and I looked trying to see the Statue of Liberty and when I was about ready to give up hope there she was! I of course did the one thing I had said I would not do I point toward her and say look look there she is to my husband who of course does not need to be looking at the Statue of Liberty but the road with all the congested traffic in front of him. Once I settled back in from the Statue of Liberty sighting things slowed down to a bit of a bore. The buildings were huge and all but I had been to Boston so it was not the first city I had ever seen. In fact it was not the prettiest city I have ever seen but it was indeed New York. We were scheduled to deliver at a little hardware type store on a tiny city street with limited parking. We had to sit a while before we finally got in and then I stayed in the truck to take pictures of the surrounding area and just to check out the people LOL I am a country girl and I was in the city world so was looking for the fascination some have with the city. People will tell you New Yorkers are so stuck up but I care to differ many of the people waved and nodded that noticed me. It was at this point I was deemed a tourist by one of the guys in the warehouse where we were unloading. He said he could tell I had never been to New York before becuase I was checking out all the people LOL. Wow I guess I gave myself away! I also learned by close observation that ambulances get lost in New York so if you are visiting try your best not to need one LOL. It took them 3 attempts before they got the right road and I am still not 100% sure they ever did. Anyhoo once we were unloaded were to head back to Mechanicsburg, PA. I got to go back through Brooklyn and get pictures on my way out. I took a few of the Statue of Liberty but she was at a distance and they are not the best. I froze half to death to get those too I was really hoping for a better picture! Aside from the Statue of Liberty I got to see the George Washington Bridge and crossed the Veranzo Bridge which was just as neat as George told me it would be.

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. Nothing really special. LOL come to think of it it has become a challenge for trips to live up to this one! Did I like New York City to visit heck yeah I would go back in a heart beat to live heck no that speed of life is not for this country girl.

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  1. Only place I want to visit on the east coast is Minae because of Stephen King, other that you can have their funnt accents, lol!