Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Years Eve!!!

Well it is time to celebrate the coming new year. This year is more difficult than most with the current state of the economy and all. I guess the fact that Bub has a pretty good paying job is reason to celebrate even if it means him being gone most of the time. The good news is he is here with me on New Years Eve and we are celebrating at my house as usual. Bub, Mom, Dad, Kenny, Wanda, Fluffy, Lisa, Stacy, Brandie and of course me. Our complete normal crowd. When we are all together it is difficult not to find something fun to do! I missed my little boy but he wanted to stay with Ma and Pa and since mine and Bub's anniversary was the next day we let him stay so we could go out if we wanted HAHAHA or that was the excuse we used, no honest that was the reason. Shhh yes there was some drinking since we didn't have little man but no one was puking or falling down drunk. I think most of us has "OUTGROWN" those painful old days HAHAHA.

We started out playing our normal DVD Trivia games.They are fun for entertainment. We team the guys against the girls. We played these games until Fluffy and Lisa arrived with gasp! A PS3 and Guitar Hero World Tour complete with drums, guitar, and even a mic so I could sing! We had a blast and almost everyone there got involved in the band at one time or another. Of course I liked the singing best but I also enjoyed the drums and long as they were on the easiest level that is LOL. We became regular Rock Stars in the blink of an eye and we had a blast. There are many weird looking faces in the pics of this year as we all jammed our way right on through midnight. We played well into the New Year before having to call it a night...or morning however you want to look at that.

Needless to say I hated to see the game go. I had once again fallen for a video game something I had not done since I was a child. The funny thing: The first time I tried this game I HATED it. Now I WANTED it. Love really is strange LOL.

The pic on this entry is me and my cousin Fluffy as Rock Stars LOL.

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