Sunday, July 8, 2012

Take Control of...You


     WHO AM I?

 I will be the first to say I am not usually big on religious programs on TV but I heard part of a very good sermon today. The preacher was talking about how we have lost who we are in the rat race of our society and it really made sense to me. When asked who we are how many of us reply with a profession or a quick reply of so and so mother, daughter, sister, brother, etc? Almost all of us use our profession or family to describe who we are. We are not just a title or family name. We are so much more than that! I take pride in being a wife, mother, daughter, niece, cousin, grand daughter and even a student but these things just tell my role in life they do not describe who I am. We work hard many years of our life trying to change something in this world that we have no control over when what we should be focusing on to be happy is to change and find our own selves. If we worried more about what we thought or how we felt and less about how society believes we should think and feel the world would be a much better place with a ton less stress. Why? Because we can control our own beings and how we think and feel about things but we can not change how the world views them. If you are not happy with something in your life stop waiting on times to change or  circumstance to give you an out. Make a plan and change your own problems or life.

Change is not easy for anyone. From an infant age until adult we are conditioned and taught how we should act, speak, and live. We allow others to influence and even sometimes make our decisions for us. We do so willingly because we are either scared of what may happen or afraid we will be frowned upon by our society. The sad thing is if you take a good hard look at our society it is not teaching us good respectable values. We have leaders stealing large sums of money from our country and businesses, we have false hopes being spoken at every turn, we have riots over who should live how, we have a government that is taking more and more of our rights away, and to top it all off God is allowed in a prison but not in a classroom, courtroom, or business, God is all but disappearing in the daily open lives of everyone. The things we are allowing ourselves to be taught and to influence us is to cheat, steal, lie, and to lay down and accept defeat! We the people, caught up in this mess of a rat race, are agreeing to these acts because we have lost our own hope, values, and will to fight.

The next time you are asked who you are think long and hard about what response you will give. Are you more than just a tired, worn out mom working at a minimum wage job, or is that all there is left of you to find? Find happiness in your self and learn to be happy in a rat race world. You can change your views and actions but I am sorry to say you can not change the actions or views of anyone else and you can not change the world. You can however act and react in an honest upstanding manner to be a better role model to those who know you best such as your children, family, friends, and religious groups.

"If you want to change something in your life or in this world start with an area where you can make a difference: YOU."

With the above departing thought I will end my rant, sermon, etc, contemplate who you "really" are, until next time on Life is Worth Living: Encounter, Experience, and Live it.

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