Friday, March 23, 2012

Life Changes Have Left Me Twiddling My Thumbs

Well I have again decided to change paths with my life. Does this shock anyone? I am a restless soul who wishes they could settle in their life and be content. I have researched and as badly as it did hurt I decided Psychology was not the right choice of a career in my area. I withdrew from Phoenix University on the 20th. It really upset me to see all my hard work go down the drain but I can say I learned some interesting things about behavior, the mind, and even critical thinking. So long to my straight A 3.96 GPA and all my earned credits. I feel like I am repeating my same high school cycle all over again. Half way there and I decide to change my course again!

On a brighter note I did not give up and settle for nothing. I have decided to enroll in another local classroom based school. I will be taking business systems technology here. I am in a toss up of medical coding or transcription currently but will have two trimesters to make up my mind once I am in class. I feel the job market will be more appropriate for this type of career than what I would have been looking to find had I completed my degree program at Phoenix. This class will be a year long so in no time I can be ready to hit the job field...I hope.

All this being said I can not help but wonder will this affect my son's academic A honor roll. We are both of a competitive nature and I feel he was challenging himself to do as well as I was. I hope this switch does not affect how he views his own academics. He is smart and he has proved himself worthy of straight A's so I know he is capable if he applies himself.

If it does end up affecting his grades I get the fun job of trying to explain the difference to an 8 year old. The big difference of cost of public school verses the cost of college. The difference between general education to help you advance through life and education that conditions you for the work force. The reasoning between a career in psychology or a job in medical transcription or coding. Regardless of description he will grasp it in his own way and then he will accept that I have changed my paths and that he can't just up and do that. He would go through heck or high water to defend what ever choice his momma makes and he supports me with his whole heart.

I will end this entry with some of my creative work that twiddling my thumbs has allowed me to compose. These creative pieces are usually reserved for those who like my Facebook page at Enjoy this beautiful photo and poetry and by all means please come by and like the page where a few others have been shared and many more are to come.

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