Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Great Halloween Night

 I was excited all day counting down the minutes until my little man got home and I got to help him get into his costume and paint up his face. I am not sure who was more excited me or him. I think I was more disappointed when he came home with a ton of review work for a Grammar test than he was. I had told my aunt Wanda and uncle Kenny that we would be up their house around five so I thought he probably had plenty of time. Truth was he didn't have a lot of time and I was anxious so we did what we could then started getting him ready. We painted his face white, gave him a blue nose, black rings around his eyes, and a blue V on each cheek. I decided to add my devil horns just for kicks as we headed out the door. I crammed all the junk in my back seat into the trunk so there would be room to add my mom to the mix of four when we got to town. We headed down the driveway and I was already dialing moms number to tell her we were on our way.
Getting Ready
Transformed to a star trooper
 After almost running over my dog chasing my car up the road we arrived incident free to Ro and Kenny's. We met PJ and Tasha with an adorable little bee and princess leaving as we were arriving. We laughed and made jokes about of course I was late as it was already 5:30. I joked they had not called because they knew I was always late and Kenny said he had honestly just picked up the phone as we pulled in the driveway. We planned out our route and by grace decided to stop at Jerry's house and head down to Kenny's sisters Bonnie's house. Uncle Kenny asked a dozen times if my car really drove that bad and the whole time I replied yes because I thought he was used to their car and mine was just older. When it took all the strength he had to turn off the main highway and he asked if the car always ran at about 200 degrees that I became concerned. This was my cars way of telling me it was on strike and not going to town to get egged. Needless to say when we got to Bonnie's we popped the hood to discover smoke and a belt off. I have had trouble with over heating this car before so I expected once again a cracked head and the worst but was determined it was not going to ruin my night. Tasha, PJ, and the girls were at Bonnie's so me Jacob and aunt Ro waited while Beaver took Kenny back to get their car while I tried to contact my mom to tell her we were running late. I did not get mom only her voice-mail but I did get to show Bella Tasha's oldest my nails that she looks at on Facebook. I am glad to know someone enjoys my nail art.

Complete Look
 Uncle Kenny back we headed out to collect Granny and off to Clark's Subdivision. There were a ton of people and Jacob got a ton of treats. All five of us walked around the subdivision because it was easier to drive than walk. Like normal with us we do not get through a night without incident. Jacob almost knocked his Granny in the head with his sword and I put my eyes out with my lantern light intended to alert motorist there was people there. Despite the obvious humor of me stumbling around half blind we had a great start on trick-or-treating even if we were later than planned.  I saw the world's smallest werewolf and he was adorable even if he intended to be scary. I am guessing he might have been four or five years old. From Clark's we were off to Ma Phines, then Hazel's and we had planned to go to Bait and Ice. We made all our stops but the last one. When we got out of the subdivision where Hazel lived Patty and Tommy had already packed up shop. It was difficult to get to this side of town because of the eggers in Fowlers curve but we got it and never got hit with a single egg. Now that is a record and a first for me! I think we can probably give most of that credit to the nice officers who were stationed at both ends of town alerting motorists to better routes to avoid the splatter of an egg. We stopped at Ma and Pa's last and of course little man wanted to stay. We decided with school and his backpack being at home it was best that he come home for the night. We had pizza, boy had a bath, then we headed to bed.

Cute face even if I did paint it

It was a wonderful night. I am thankful that it was a safe and fun night to remember. Every year I know I grow one year closer to the words but mom I am too old to trick-or-treat and every year I dread those words a little more. The truth is I get to experience the joy of Halloween every year when I see my son's eyes light up from the treats he has gathered.  I am not a child and well past the age of trick-or-treating but I still have a chance to be apart of the magic of the Halloween spirit through my son. Every year I get to take pictures of him in his costume. Every year we bond and we make memories that will never be forgotten...or at least not by me.

God Bless You All and I Hope You Had A Safe and Happy Halloween Just Like We Did!

Halloween Moon; Awesome!

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