Saturday, October 29, 2011

First week in new classes COM 156 & HUM 176

 Last week finished up my COM 155 and SCI 162 classes. I accomplished a goal I had about gave up on achieving. I completed my health class with a 100% grade! I was of course on cloud nine because I had done convinced myself an A was an A no matter if it was a 96 or a 100. I was really overjoyed when I got the message from my teacher telling me I was the first student she had ever had in the class to score a 100 and that I deserved every point of it. I gave myself a double pat on the back for that big achievement. In addition to this class I also completed my COM 155. My grade was not 100 in there but it was still an A with a 97. I did pretty good with my essay on weight-loss methods after all. My teacher in this class sent me an inspiring poem I saved to my hard drive for those bleak days along with a note saying students like me reminded her of why she taught in the first place. Another pat on the back for being a good student! She also assured me to stop stressing over COM 156 that I had the ability to do great. Skeptic that I always am I am hoping and praying she is right.

I am starting to prepare my research final in COM 156 in week one so I believe being a bit nervous is to be expected. I got off to a very rocky start choosing my subject. I first decided to go with hate crimes because this is an area I know little about and would be forced to research. It did not occur to me until I began trying to research and write that I have no idea where to even begin with this subject. I went for broke and tried to force something to come of the different types of hate crimes you know the race and ethical, the gender and gay/lesbian/bi, and of course the religion sectors. I did find information but had no idea how I was to form an opinion and make an understanding argument from my knowledge so I attempted to change direction and look at one of the most well-known hate crime organizations ever formed: the KKK. I remember writing a paper on the KKK years ago in school and then I remember I did not do so well. Strike two for hate crimes before we are out lets switch subjects!

I did a total 360 and went from history into my area of comfort self-help, self-discovery, and psychology. I went for broke and threw my chips in on happiness. My first idea was too wide spread and I was told I could write a book so I changed my focus and not my subject. My research paper is going to be written on the common misconceptions people have about happiness. I have did a bit of preliminary research and found some supporting facts for my theories. I am hoping as the class progresses I can be lead in the right direction to find even more so I can have enough sources to support my argument and flesh out my paper.

I must say for some this may not be the most interesting subject but for me it is very intriguing. I read a lot of the Chicken Soup books and look for non-fiction reading on most occasions. If I could write a paper on finding happiness I believe I could do so with my eyes closed but for the purpose of my paper I must find common ground to become an advocate. I am hoping for the best of luck with my paper and these two classes and praying they both too will result in a final grade of an A. Like always of course I am striving for the highest possible grade of 100 but I will be content and happy with anything as long as it is an A.

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