Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Day June 10 , 2011


Today was the big day! The day I was to remarry my true soul mate at the Dale Hollow Recreation Complex. The day began at a decent hour and of course like normal I thought I had plenty of time. I was calm and collected until I discovered I could not fix the music on my pc for the wedding. Really it takes a long time to go through 19 songs from start to finish and make sure none skip and then to find the disc won't burn was a true REALLY moment. Time passed quickly while trying to fix the music and now on top of this I have to add I must get everything together to decorate the park. Thank goodness for my mother, my husband to be Bub and my Maid of Honor Tammy. They kept me sane during this time period.

Bub made the arch being the one I had broke when we tried to build it. Cheap cheap cheap junk! The great news is he made an arch even prettier than the old metal one any way. While setting up the tables I realize I had forgotten the flowers that were to set on the table so Tammy, Jacob and I had to come back home to get those so another 30 minutes of prep time is lost. When I return with the flowers I really wasn't thinking about the time I really had to do last minute things and turn around and go back home to get dressed! My poor mom was the only one ready for the wedding so she got voted to stay with the items we had set up while everyone else went to get ready. Thank you momma!

Back home you can bet things got even crazier. I have 2 bathrooms but I have half a dozen people needing to bath and get ready I mean it was one hot day out there and we have all been burning up setting up the decorations. In the process I also inherit a lot of fruit and veggies that need to be cut up and prepared for the fruit and vegetable tray. They got here about the time I was fixing to win the battle of my bathroom to get ready so the men got to prepare those while Tammy and I began the nerve enduring task of makeup, hair, dress, and jewelery. I was putting the finishing touches on myself when I hear the news the guys are going on over because we have maybe half an hour! Poor Jesse got voted to be left behind with the women and in charge of making sure we got ready and got to the wedding on time. He came in very handy fixing Tammy's hair bow, my necklace, and the flower pin my grandmother had worn to my first wedding all those many moons ago. Poor Tammy didn't even get time to really fix her hair and barely got her makeup on. In my opinion however we both looked pretty good providing she ran out of time and I did my OWN hair this time. This being said those who know me know the shock in that statement I am by no means a hair dresser and do little with mine on a daily basis but honest it turned out really nice I rolled it with some of those little soft roller thingys that my mom had given me.


Time ended up on my side and I was not late to my own wedding thank goodness and in fact had a bit of time for a few photos before the wedding started. It was at this time however that I learned my father in law had made my wedding cake because the girl making mine got confused on the date and did not have the actual wedding cake done! I must admit I felt a huge wave of panic when I heard the news but it passed quickly with the realization there was nothing I could do about it now and that we in fact did have a nice pretty heart shaped cake on the table originally intended to be the grooms cake. Once the cake was out of the question the wedding began.

It was a beautiful wedding. Everything went wonderful. My daddy walked me down the aisle this time and despite the fact we thought we did a great pace everyone else said we were moving like the flash. I have to admit most of the pictures of us was a bit blurred I like to lay it on the shutter speed of everyone's cameras but maybe it was the speed our own four feet were moving. My best friend (chosen sister) Tammy was my maid of honor and Bub's best man was Dude his father. Once Ronnie our preacher is added in you have the full extent of our wedding party. Once we said our I do's we headed off to the shelter nearby for our reception.

The reception was wonderful also. Bub couldn't resist smearing chocolate cake on my face this time but we didn't ruin a dress so I forgave him. There was plenty of wonderful food. Speaking of wonderful food thank you Jewel, Suzie, Hazel, and Barbara and Dude. When everyone started clearing out from the reception we began to pack everything back into the vehicles to bring it home. We ourselves headed home to rest and prepare to leave for our honey moon the next morning.  Yes I know everyone wants to know where we went and all and I will tell you later in another entry!

The night ended on a very happy note for me. I was home in the arms of my husband a man I can love like no other. I was proud of myself because I had collected my thoughts before having a melt down over the small things that didn't quite work out as planned. The end result was a very beautiful wedding I was very happy about.


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