Thursday, August 27, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Season 5: My Opinion

I must admit I am a little bit shocked at the close of So You Think You Can Dance Season 5. I enjoyed the show this season but did not become as "drawn" to the dancers as I did last season but as you know it one would eventually win me over. Janette or Miami as Cat called her became my favorite dancer. You can only imagine my dismay as I tuned in to see my favorite dancer voted off the show! I confess I was one of the shout at your TV viewers as I vowed America had no IDEA what they were doing! I was so proud when for once it was not the judges I was calling names as each reminded Janette of just how wonderful of a dancer she was. I did manage to collect myself and continue on with my weekly viewings of the show and I must say I am glad I did because I got to see the most wonderful dance of the season not only once but twice! P.S. Mary Murphy I could have hugged your neck when you voted it as your favorite dance of the season which allowed me to see that awesome routine again.

The dance I fell in love with this season was a contemporary routine choreographed by Travis Wall a past contestant on So You Think You Can Dance. The routine was danced by Jason and Jeanine, now crowned America's favorite dancer. The dance was performed to a song I even sorta liked "If It Kills Me (The Casa Nova Sessions)" by Jason Mraz. While watching the rehearsals with Travis I was sure these dancers were going to fall flat on their faces with all the lifts, twists, turns and the fact of having the "new" kid giving directions. I am so glad that I was proved wrong and must say I was highly impressed with not only the ability of Travis to teach this difficult routine but the dancers who pulled it off with a smashing success. I loved the way the heart necklace was used in this routine and the steamy kiss at the end was so "real".

I can't really choose a favorite judge this season I agreed and disagreed with them all at some point in the season. I will say I am partial to Debbie Allen and Lil C but the show would just be lost without Mary and Nigel I love how they are always adding humor to the show with their jokes at each other. Mia and Adam also shed some wonderful views from their judges seat even though many times I feel Mia is a bit overbearing.

Speaking of Mia I could not end this blog post without mentioning the routine that moved her to tears. It was a contemporary routine choreographed by Tyce Diorio with a theme loaded with a lot of heart and meaning: breast cancer. This heartfelt cry inducing routine was performed by Melissa and Ade to This Woman's Work" by Maxwell. This will probably be the most memorable dance of the season as America's eyes were opened by art to a terrible disease. I was delighted to hear in the final episode of the season that the woman whom inspired this routine found out she was cancer free!

I also discovered my favorite piece or work by Mia when I watched her addiction routine set to "Gravity" by Sara Bareilles and performed by Kayla and Kupono who was very involved in the dance because he felt a close relation. Her butt routine danced by Randi and Evan was a lighter side of Mia but I must say the darker addiction won me over.

Lets close this up with my opinion of our winner Jeanine. Though Jeanine was not chosen as my favorite dancer I have to agree she is very worthy of the title America's Favorite Dancer. My favorite routine of the season was danced by Jeanine and I also enjoyed the sailor routine she did with Phillip back in episode 14. Good luck to all the season 5 contestants and congrats to you Jeanine!

P.S. Thanks so much for allowing me to see the Bleeding Love routine from Season 4 performed once again on stage. Bleeding Love was my favorite performance from Season 4!

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