Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another day spent at Dale Hollow Lake

I have really enjoyed my day off work. All the day was not great news but it was still a good day. My mom and dad came over and I had planned to help my dad work on my car until I learned that he only needed to remove a few more bolts to be finished. Yes some women work on cars too guys we are not all prissy little sissy's! Anyway daddy comes in saying come here it isn't good I am like great now what...come to find out my poor car needs more than just the head gasket I had purchased for it and in fact needs a complete new head....yeah not a blown gasket a cracked head. Anyway this was the bad news of the day but the good news is I get to drive the truck a bit longer LOL. I have fallen for the truck no offense to the car. Anyhoo my lil one had pa to clean out mommy's vaccum cleaner and all the stuff mommy was dreading to do. I also had him help me put up my picture I got for mother's day a little bit unwillingly may I say because he didn't want to use nails in my wall. They also brought the puppy to visit us. When they left I decided to call my aunt because I had not talked to her in ages and I wanted to see how they were as well as invite her to my son's end of the year Pre-K celebration. While talking to her we decided to take a trip back to the dam. My little one and I picked aunt Ro up and we headed out.

First we went to the area where me and little man went the other day and took a couple pictures before deciding we would head on up and walk across the dam. We walked along laughing and talking and my son again noticed people on the opposite side of the dam really close to the water and he asked once again if we could go. I was not so sure about this whole idea until we were there looking down the steps and the rocky hillside that would deliver us to our destination and I said heck why not there are all kinda people doing it. We began our journey down the steps as I secretly dreaded the rocky slope. Clumsy people really do not need to be attempting to get within falling distance of sloping rocks but I did it anyway. The good news is I made it to the bottom without falling. Once at the bottom we walked over right to the edge of the flowing falls. It was really neat standing there looking into the water. It had that you are moving effect and was really cool. Water calls to me like flame to a moth so I just had to get out on the ledge to take more pictures. My aunt and son soon joined me on the barrier and we took some beautiful pictures of the water. Before it was all said and down my crazy butt had almost fallen off the side! LMAO the only time in my life I was proud to have a wide backside! Good think my aunt noticed or I would have probabaly been in Nashville by now LOL. My aunt ended up being the one with the injury while we were trying to help little man up to see the water she accidently fell into a hole there and scratched up her leg. I am sure it will be bruised by morning. Poor aunt Ro we are too much alike!

The climb back up the hillside seemed faster than the trip down but goodness it was much more tiring! Once at the top there was a bunch of people telling us we should go back and do it again LOL thanks but no thanks. My child wanted to go down to the water on the other side but my aunt and I declined as we began the journey back across the dam to the truck. That took a while traffic was everywhere and we had to stop out of its way what seemed like every few seconds. Once back to the truck we decided we needed something for supper so we headed back to town to El Rey's for Mexican. The food was great but I ate too much then Jacob and I left our to go box sitting on the table. LMAO soooo I put it in a box for nothing. I know those guys working thinks I am nuts by now! When we left there I just had to go by Dollar General. LOL just can't stay away from that place. Once we left there it was late and time to take Ro back home. I am sure my uncle is thinking he is not going to let her go out with me anymore cause I keep her out half the night LOL. Once we dropped Ro off we headed home ourselves where lil man got ready and went to bed and I ended up on here writing this entry. Now I am tired and before long heading to bed myself 6 comes early in the morning.

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