Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Music to my Ears

I have been on a roll lately with this writing thing and had the desire to do it just not the subjects to write about. I have been thinking hours on what I was going to post and today I am going back to music which has been a very big part of my life since I was a child. I have decided to list my favorite break up song, love song, motivational song, and backwoods country song. Well how about we get started.
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 Break up song: It is an "oldie" but a goodie and one I have always had the secret desire to dedicate to someone. It has enough grit to get the message across and the catchy lyrics you want to sing along to as you picture that ex you wish you had had the courage to have dedicated it to on the favorite radio station the two of you always shared. The girl in the song wastes no time "dragging that cheater down his list of done me wrongs." I bet that clue is enough to give it away;  yes it is Aaron Tippin with why don't you " Kiss This."

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Love song: This is a genre with a ton of choices. Narrowing it down to just one could be difficult but I believe it is a possible task with consideration and deductive reasoning. I have five choices I am choosing between and this is not easy. I have gave all careful consideration and I am down to three finals. They are all three wonderful ageless love songs that have stood the test of time. I am really reconsidering the above comment of the task being one I can accomplish. I tell you what how about I list all three and you all help me decide which is the best because I simply cannot choose without further insight. The first choice is Vince Gill and Reba with "The Heart Won't Lie" this is a very true song with a lesson I learned the hard way. The second choice is George Strait with " I Cross My Heart". The third choice is Gary Allan's " The One". I told you they were all good now I need your help for the best!

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Motivational Song: This one is so easy for me. I have this one song that every time I hear it it screams "push on to accomplish your dreams". The lyrics and beat have that pump you up vibe. This song has also been around for a couple of good years. The lyrics sings take action or "get out of the way" detailing a football player and a girl determined to reach her dreams. Have you guessed it yet? Van Zant "Taking Up Space".

 Backwoods Country Song: This song has been out a few years. I have tried numerous times to make a concert but have failed as of yet to make one. This guy sings some heck of some good country songs and can even "rap a little bit". The song was redone by  the famous country artist Jason Aldean and I know you will be heard the song if you listen to country radio.  Aldean did a good job but cannot compare to the original "Dirt Road Anthem" that I heard by Colt Ford.

I hope you have enjoyed my list of "favorites" in these categories. If you would be kind enough please help me choose the best love song from my list above.  Feel free to also make your own suggestions in that or any of the other categories. I do ask however that you please choose at least one of those above choices before you make your own suggestions.

How about I leave you with a little motivation....

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