Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life: Designed by destiny or choice?

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Happiness was discussed a few days ago. Now I want to probe your brain a bit more. Let's talk about life. What is it? Is it a journey where we wonder around aimlessly predestined or is it a journey to make decisions, take control, and gain wisdom by means of our own choices?

Life I believe is a bit of both. Predestined roles in life are decided for us before we are born. Our gender, our parents, siblings, and family, our hair and eye color are all examples of destiny. We can alter our destiny but doing so often requires drastic measures such as medical professionals, foster care or adoption, hair dye or contacts. This is where I believe destiny ends and choices begin. Choices are far and wide from the career we have to our style of fashion. In the wonderful United States of America we have a lot of free will. We can choose who we marry, have help having only the amount of children we want, get an education, say and live as we pretty much please as long as no laws are broken. Answer me this then how come so many people say life is miserable and out of their control? Are they scared to take control or do they choose to use that as an excuse to wonder around in this life blaming others for their actions?

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Have I got advice? You bet I do! This advice is not easy but will produce results if you just grab the wheel throw your life in the trunk and drive to your chosen destination. The first step to making life what you want it is to decide what you want. If you want a family decide what you want in a life long partner and set out to get it. Do not settle for less, second best, or the first attractive smooth talker that comes along. Keep your goals and qualities in mind. Date and have fun while looking for the "right" one instead of stressing they are never going to show. You want a better job train, go back to school, and do your best to show your best skills for the position you have set your dreams on. Times are hard and success will not happen over night. You have to remember to hang in there and keep trying. Learn from your past mistakes and rejections. Use that knowledge to improve your chances next time. You want kids stop waiting to be financially stable. Crazy advice huh? No, not at all if you wait to be comfortable in finances your life will pass you by and then one day you will realize the best years when you were physically fit, energized, and in top health has passed. Have children young enough to enjoy them but old enough to raise them properly. If you can not have children adopt or seek a foster care program to fill the void in life you are missing. Working toward owning your own home take the plunge if your credit permits. The difference in monthly rent and a mortgage payment differs only slightly. Why pay to live somewhere you do not own and are not happy when you can pay to own your place and choose the area you want to be.

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 Just as these items can be dreams they can carry a lot of fear. Some choices we make end up not being what we had in mind. In these cases we must assess the situation and make the changes to fix what we can of the mess. In an unhappy relationship? Make amends to fix the issues and if they are unable to be fixed count your loses and move on. Unhappy with your promotion ask to be moved to another department or area of your field where you feel you will prosper and be content. Hate the location where you live and your home? This is a mistake hard to fix because of the economic crunch but nothing says you can not put the house on the market to see what happens.

We are given one chance at this life. If we mess it up we should not blame anyone but ourselves. The choices we make and the mindset we form determines the outcome of what many call destiny. Those who believe we are predestined chooses to ignore the choices we have in life. I choose to take control, make my choices, and do the best I can with them once they are made. I may not always have the best and happiest life but I have and am in the driver seat of control.

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What is your opinion and outlook on life? Do you have control or do you believe you are destined to your fate with no way to change it?

    ~ Destiny does not make me but by my choices
                            I make my  destiny.~

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