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Chosen Favorites of 2011

The New Year is a a time of in with the new and out with the old. There is nothing wrong with this thought process but some things tend to follow you for years in advance. Media has a way of sticking with you. Songs bring back memories, movies remind you of how you felt as you watched them, and news stories remind you of what happened during that point in your life. I am going to take this opportunity to share some of my favorite songs, shows, movies, and news stories that I enjoyed in 2011.

 Here in alphabetical order are my top country music choices for 2011:

BILLY CURRINGTON                Let Me Down Easy

                                                    Love Done Gone

BLAKE SHELTON                     Honey Bee - A song very memorable for me from 2011. It was played at my wedding as my husband and I walked together as husband and wife in June.

                                                   God Gave Me You  

BRAD PAISLEY f/ALABAMA    Old Alabama- This is one of those songs that I believe will be timeless. A popular newer artist paired with older legends.

       Remind Me -  I like this song because it tells the story of how over the years love changes. Just because the fire dwindles does not mean love is still not there and that the desire has died. Love still remains as the couple hopes for the fire to rekindle.

CARRIE UNDERWOOD          Mama’s Song-  Another song that played after the wedding since we did not do the whole usher thing this time.


CHRIS YOUNG                       Tomorrow- I like this song because it tells a story of two people who cannot make their love work but who cannot walk away from the passion they share together. The pledge ia made that tomorrow will be the day to walk away.    

DARIUS RUCKER                    This       

 DAVID NAIL                            Let It Rain  

EASTON CORBIN                     I Can’t Love You Back  

ELI YOUNG BAND                   Crazy Girl

ERIC CHURCH                         Homeboy -  The lyrics of this song tells a powerful story that is sadly what often happens to our youth once they think they are grown and know it all.

                                                   Drink in my hand- Catchy lyrics are found in this song making it super.

GEORGE STRAIT                     The Breath You Take- These lyrics make you stop and think about what is really important in your life.

                                                   Here For A Good Time

JAKE OWEN                              Barefoot Blue Jean Night-  Reminds me of life in a small country town.

JASON ALDEAN                        Dirt Road Anthem - A great song first made popular by Colt Ford whose version I like just a bit better but I felt Aldean did a good job with it. I can relate to this song very well about taking a trip down memory lane. 

                                                      My Kinda Party

Feat: KELLY CLARKSON              Don’t You Wanna Stay

JERROD NIEMANN                     One More Drinkin’ Song- This song is funny and has some very catchy get stuck in your head lyrics. It is easy to learn and sing along to.
                                                       What Do You Want- This song tells the story of a lover trying to deal with the contact they are having with an ex lover.

JOSH TURNER                               I Wouldn’t Be A Man

JUSTIN MOORE                             Bait a Hook- One of my favorites because I can kind of relate to.

KENNY CHESNEY                         Somewhere With You- I heard this song requested one night on the radio and the request still remains in my mind every time I hear it. The man was a trucker and he said the song did not exactly relate but that he was thinking of his wife and how he wished he could be home with her.

Feat: Grace Potter                           You And Tequila - One of my favorites of the year because I like the lyrics to the song so much. My favorite line is the "it is your favorite sin that will do you in" a statement that is so very true.

LADY ANTEBELLUM                       Just A Kiss

LUKE BRYAN                                    Someone Else Calling You Baby

                                                           Country Girl (Shake It For Me)- A song request we had for the wedding but decided to skip on LOL.

MIRANDA LAMBERT                         Baggage Claim


RASCAL FLATTS                                 Why Wait

                                                               I Won’t Let Go- Played at our wedding reception.


REBA                                                      Turn On The Radio

RODNEY ATKINS                                   Farmer’s Daughter

                                                                 Take A Back Road- I am a country girl at heart and love taking the back roads as compared to busy streets. There is no song that relates better the ease of a stroll down a back road.

RONNIE DUNN                                       Bleed Red-  A song that to me speaks about equality.

SARA EVANS                                            A Little Bit Stronger- A song which speaks the truth about breaking up and moving on. Each day no matter who you are you will get "a little bit stronger."

STEVE HOLY                                            Love Don’t Run

SUGARLAND                                            Stuck Like Glue -  This was one that had to grow on me but once it did I love it! I also like the video that goes with this song.

SUNNY SWEENEY                                     From A Table Away- A song that takes me back to riding home after work with my cousin Lisa after of 2nd shift job as masters of the custodial arts.

TAYLOR SWIFT                                         Back To December


THE BAND PERRY                                     You Lie- It may be bad to say but this song brings one person to my mind who I will not call out by name. I am sure they know who they are. The thing is you learn from your past mistakes and make different choices with your future to avoid the same relapse of effects.

THE JANEDEAR GIRLS                            Wildflower- I am country and can relate to some of this song.

THOMPSON SQUARE                               Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not- This is a fun song to sing along with. I love the lyrics and laugh when they talk about planning their wedding  all out in the middle of June from the cake to the honeymoon because my husband and I did this to experience a bit of a blooper with the cake. No biggie there was no tears shed, no friendships lost, and in fact it made the day more memorable.

                                                                     I Got You

TIM MCGRAW                                            Felt Good On My Lips

TOBY KEITH                                              Made In America- Reminds me how much times have changed and takes me back to when  the words "Made in America"   was spoken with pride and honor.

ZAC BROWN BAND                                    Colder Weather- Another song we used to listen to on the way home from our jobs. We discussed the meaning of this one. Lisa had found somewhere that critics say the song relates to drugs but for me it relates to a man who has a restless spirit and just cannot stay in one place too long despite the love he has for a woman he has left behind.

Feat:  ALAN JACKSON                                As She’s Walking Away

Feat: JIMMY BUFFETT                               Knee Deep

Some music I was singing along to other than country music included:

  • Moves Like Jaggar
  • 5'O Clock
  • Without You
  • Pumped up Kicks
  • Sexy and I Know It
  • We Found Love
  • The One that Got Away
  • Someone Like You
  • Rolling In The Deep
  • Party Rock Athem
  • Not Over You
  • Love You Like a Love Song
  • Super Bass
  • Mr. Know It All
  • Give Me Everything
  • Nothing 

Here in the same order are my top television series choices:

  • Criminal Minds
  • Disappeared
  • Flash Point
  • In Plain Sight
  • Necessary Roughness
  • Sons of Anarcy
  • Stalked Someone is Watching
  • The Mentalist

My Favorite Movie of 2011 like years in the past was Transformers Dark of the Moon.
















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