Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pledge Fabric Sweeper Bzz Campaign

I just recently received my new bzz kit from bzz agent in the mail. If you do not know what bzz agent is you need to be introduced! This is an awesome community where you are sent all kinds of nice free products to try, share with friends and family, and even receive coupons for when you run out. Once you try the product and tell others about it sharing coupons or the product you received you log in to your bzz agent account and give them an update in a bzz report about who you told about the product, how you told them, how they reacted, and if you shared anything from the bzz kit with them. It is very simple and you get all kinds of cool stuff. If you are interested in joining this panel hit me up scarletrose_2000@yahoo. com with your email and I will see what I can do to get you in. Anyway this blog is not to push joining bzz agent but to tell you of the wonderful product I just recently received The Pledge Fabric Sweeper and Multi Surface Clean.

Pledge Fabric Sweeper:
This thing really works with very little effort! I have a indoor cat and dog so pet hair is really a pain on my furniture. I decided to try this product out on my own not long after I opened the box. My son and I went to my living room where my cat likes to lay on the back of the couch and used the sweeper. It picked up all the pet hair and I never had to touch one clump of nasty matted hair! This thing is awesome! It is so simple to use all you have to do is sit it on the surface and push it from side to side. I would recommend it to any pet owner who hates lint rollers and such. You can use the item over and over until it no longer picks up pet hair into the unit and then you toss it in the trash. No mess to deal with at any point.The only gripe I have about the Pledge Fabric Sweeper is the design of the unit. It is rather uncomfortable for small hands but hey I can deal with it so that I don't have to deal with lint rollers. Of course once the kid saw how it worked he had to try it out for himself too. Point made small hands can be a problem he had to use both hands LOL.

Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner:
I have fell in love with this product. I received a can of the Rainshower scent and it smells so fresh and clean. I love how the cap locks in place to prevent accidental spraying or spills. This product can be used on wood, glass, laminate, stainless steel, mirrors, plastics, granite, and even electronics. I used the product first on my stero and then on my sinks in my kitchen. Both items smelled fresh and was dust free with a shining gleam. There was no residue left behind and not a streak one. Friends and family this is a wonderful product I would not steer you wrong for your cleaning needs.

All family and friends close now that you know I have this product stop by to see how great they are. LOL if you want you can even try them out in my home free of charge to see for yourself how they work. Seriously guys come by I have coupons for the fabric sweeper and hmm I thought there were some with the cleaner...wonder where I have lost those. Anyway come by check out these cool products and I will see what I can do to pass a coupon along to you.

Look close at the pics in the entry and you will be able to see that it indeed does work. LOL one of the pics includes the cat that helped make this product worth while.

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