Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Plans for the 2009 Southern Women's Show

Well folks it is that time again: time for the Women's show that my friends, family and I attend every year. It is only 3 more days! This year it is going to be my best friend Brandie driving all of us crazy women, her mom, my mom, my aunt and myself. A full Kia load no doubt! Those moms just don't realize yet what they are getting into this is their first year going. Can't wait to see their reaction to the Firefighters Show. Talking about girls gone wild but you see it there!

Anyway we plan to leave early Friday morning and unlike last year we plan to come back home when it is over. No Coyote Ugly for us this year! I am sure it will be fun and I am looking forward to it. It is good to get out with the girls ever now and then.

Hmmm Ronnie McDowell was there last year wonder who it will be this year? BTW girls the fight is on again this year the Rock look alike is mine...HAHAHA sorry Brandie!

Ladies don't forget what happens in Nashville stays in Nashville
P.S. Don't worry I am sure I will have a humorous update on how it goes once we get there and BTW pics are of the FireFighter Show 2008....see why we want to go every year?

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