Saturday, February 28, 2009

There is an Arizona Jan 15-25th 2009

I am a traveler as many of you are learning. I enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people. My first choice of state that I wanted to see was Flordia and I got that opportunity years ago while working for Washington Inventory Service. My second state of choice to visit was Texas. I did not know it when I left on the 15th that I was soon to get to accomplish this as well.

When you travel with a trucker your next destination can never be sure. I would see Flourance Kentucky, Findley Ohio, and then Bradford White in Middleville Michigan before getting the dispatch to head west to Tucson Arizona! I would pick up the states of Missouri, New Mexico and Arizona as well as Texas this trip.

The most memorable part of this trip for me would have to be our trip to and our down time we spent at a rest area in New Mexico. We traveled a highway into New Mexico that allowed a chance to see a lot of wonderful scenery and wildlife in those parts. I saw a Coyote which is also in our area but you do not see often, a Roadrunner which I had never before seen and NO I don't mean the car I mean the little funny looking bird, and I saw Antalope which looks much like the deers in my part of the country. Other wildlife of course was norm for that area such as cows and horses. I saw one huge black bird that littered up the parking lot at the Luvs Truckstop where we stayed the night before leaving for New Mexico. Anyway the wildlife in these areas always interest me so it was a treat to see all these animals in their natural habitat. The scenery was also very beautiful with the dessert and mountains in the distance.

The rest area where we stayed was very nice and comfortable. The bathrooms were clean and roomy and the vending machines had almost anything you could want including ice cream! The landscaping was decorated with many plants and cactus. This allowed me to get some cool pictures that I could not get from the landscapes as we passed by in the truck. It was very nice weather which allowed me to be out and about in place of having to stay cooped up in the truck.

From our rest area we headed for Expeditors in Nogales Arizona to load up and head back toward home. I not only got to see Texas but I got to see an area of Texas I had always wanted to see the night of the 23rd we spent in Dallas at a Flying J. I am a past Dallas Cowboys fan but the name is deceiving their stadium is not in Dallas and in fact I think is located in Irving.

All in all I got a few states closer to my dream of seeing all 50 and I got to see my second choice of places to see. I have decided that I like Texas better than I liked Flordia. I live in Tennessee and love it there but I could see myself in Texas without second thought. If I could only move my family and friends with me Tennessee would be to the East of me! The wind was cool but felt wonderful and the humidity was no where near what I am used to at home. Ladies if you are wondering about the cowboys yeah I guess they are out there but from the windshield of a truck you don't have much time to look at nothing but the road HAHAHA. Well on occasion I took my eyes off the road to look at....the not the cowboys!

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